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Calgary Energy Healing

At Inner Source Awareness, we work with a number of modalities depending upon the nature of each client's condition.

We provide leading and proven techniques to bypass the conscious mind to achieve truth & healing for the body.

Our modalities work when treating a physical illness or disorder, working with emotional issues, or for those just feeling stuck and wanting more out of life.


Our practitioners "muscle test" the body to determine the nature of the focus it desires to work with and, consequently, the modality it desires to use.

Our practice achieves the quickest, most profound and long-lasting results. We communicate with the sub-conscious wisdom of the body without the need for the conscious mind to participate.


The Inner Source Awareness team works with children, teens and adults; as well as animals for both physical and emotional concerns.

All sessions are provided in person or remotely via such avenues as Skype or FaceTime.

Please note that Surrogate Sessions are also available.


If you or someone you know are facing challenges, please contact us today.

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